Meet Our Staff

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Todd Olson
VP Audi Brand

Todd has been working in the automotive industry for over 20 years. His favorite part about working at Audi is all the employees that he gets to help and mentor. A fun fact about Todd is that he was the pancake eating champion at North Dakota State!

Lynn Daleiden
General Manager

Lynn has 26 years of experience in the auto industry and has been in management roles since 2014. Her favorite part about working for CMG has been all the people she's had the opportunity to meet, both clients and employees! A fun fact about Lynn is that she was the 2012 Q5 National Walk Around Champion and her favorite Audi is anything from the e-tron line, she loves the speed and torque that EV's offer. 

Ryan Drewitz
New Car Manager

Ryan started working with CMG in 2017. His favorite part of working for the Audi brand is the fantastic products and how great the employees and the culture is. When Ryan was growing up his family had an Audi station wagon that they drove all over the country and he has been a fan ever since!

Shaft Baker
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Shaft started at Audi in March of 2021, after a long career with Verizon! His favorite part about working with the team at Audi St. Paul is the great workplace culture. Shaft's favorite Audi is the Q8 because it's the perfect combination of sporty and classy.

Dave Ydstie
Service Director

Dave started in the automotive industry in 1996 and joined the Audi team in 2013. His favorite part of working for Carousel is that there is always room to grow if you put the effort in, and that they always try to promote from within. Outside of work Dave likes to spend time at the lake and take family vacations to Disney World whenever they can. 

Brian Fitzgerald
Service Manager

Brian has been in the industry for 20 years and started with Audi in 2002. His favorite part about working at Audi has been the amazing team. Brian's favorite Audi is the RS7 because of the aggressive styling and unbeatable sound.   

Vang Yang
Parts Manager

Vang started working at CMG in 2009 but started more recently with Audi in 2018. He loves Audi because it is an amazing luxury car company with deep racing heritage that will excite purists and everyday folks. He has stayed with CMG for 18 years because of the diversity within the company and the community focus. A fun fact about Vang is that he has twin daughters!

Vang speaks Hmong

Bobby Burns
Business Manager

Robert (Bobby) started filing papers at his family dealership in 1999, but officially started his career with Audi in 2014. He loves working for CMG because they take care of clients and employees alike and he loves Audi cars. A fun fact about Bobby is that he was in the restaurant industry for 15 years before his current role!

Tony Sivongxay
Business Manager


Sales Department

Britanni Gomez
Audi Brand Specialist

Andrew Horstman
Audi Sport Representative

Jeff Conlin
Audi Brand Specialist

Jeff started at Audi in 2020 and has 2 years in the auto industry under his belt. Something he loves about CMG is how well employees are treated and the opportunities for growth. Jeff's favorite Audi is anything from the e-tron line, he can't wait to see the future for the brand. 

Paul Garofano
Audi Brand Specialist

Paul joined the Audi team in 2021. His favorite thing about CMG is getting to learn from his colleagues and get to know the brand. A fun fact about Paul is that he saw Tiger Woods win his last major title at the Masters in 2019. 

Adam Rolfs
Audi Brand Specialist

Adam started at Audi 4 years ago and loves the company because of the great work environment and his relationships with co-workers. Adam's favorite Audi is the RS6 Avant because it's a practical family wagon that can also race on the track. 

Antonio Hill
Audi Brand Specialist

Antonio is new to the auto industry; he started his career with Audi in October of 2021. His favorite Audi is the RS e-tron GT. A fun fact about Antonio is that he once rebuilt his motorcycle with one arm!

Sisi McClain
Audi Brand Specialist

Ryan Walton
Audi Brand Specialist

Jorgan Janssen
Inventory Buyer

Jorgan started working at Audi in 2014 and has been in the auto industry for 7 years. His favorite part about working at Audi is the sense of family that the dealership gives him. Jorgan's favorite Audi is the RS6 because it's a station wagon with 600 hp!


Service Department

Natasha Arsenal
Service Advisor

Natasha has been in the industry for 12 years and started her career with Audi in 2011. Her favorite part of her job is getting to build relationships with her amazing co-workers. Natasha's favorite Audi is the A8 because of how comfortable and spacious it is. 

Brad Helget
Service Advisor

Brad started at CMG in 2011, but he has been in the industry for 18 years. His favorite things about working for CMG is the history he has with the company and the relationships he has built over the years. A fun fact about Brad is when he was young, he designed a full line of cars and wanted to be a car designer! 

Bob Krueger
Service Advisor

Bob has been in the auto industry since 1993 and started with Audi in 2018. A fun fact about Bob is that he lives on a 200-acre family farm in Wisconsin.

John Wagers
Service Advisor

John started working with the brand in 1996 and has a ton of experience! His favorite part about working at Audi is that he gets to drive the vehicles he works with everyday as his personal car. His favorite Audi is the RS5 Sportback!

John speaks Japanese and Spanish



Jenny Kern
Controller and Office Manager