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Audi Spa & Detail Services

Keep your Audi looking sharp all year long with our Audi Spa and Detail Services. Cars need spa days too and you will feel like a million bucks driving a freshly washed and detailed Audi. You're all grown up, and your Audi car, crossover, or SUV deserves a grown-up Auto Detailing service. For any drivers from St. Paul, Roseville, Maplewood, Oakdale, and Minneapolis, MN  who are looking to make a great first impression, check out the list of services available to you at Audi St. Paul.

Audi Detailing Services

  • Buff Vehicle 
  • Clean Engine Compartment 
  • Headlamp Restoration 
  • Paint Sealant & Polish

Spa Services

  • Soft Wash - includes gentle wash for the exterior, interior vacuum, window cleaning, and tire shining. 
  • Super Polish -  includes soft cloth wash, brake dust cleaning from the wheels, interior vacuuming, window cleaning and hand applied wax protections.
  • Interior Detail - includes a gentle wash for the exterior, but a full work up inside including vacuuming and shampooing of the interior and trunk, detailing of the dash console and seats, leather and vinyl cleaning and conditioning, interior odor treatment, streak-free window cleaning, tire dressing, removal of road tar and insects, and detailing for both the engine compartment and door jams. 
  • Full Package - includes a full work up of both exterior and interior cleaning from interior detail and super wash, with hand applied wax detailing for added protection and shine.

Like New Look & Smell

When you bought your Audi fresh and new, you probably admired the gleam of the light across its perfectly sculpted exterior, the sparkle of bright new headlamps, the supple and inviting interior - these things don't have to fade away as you get used to your vehicle, however. If you're looking to make a string of good impressions, bring your car in to Audi St. Paul for the spa treatment it deserves. Our skilled professionals will make your car shine like the day you bought it, and even if you're not going to any big meetings or events, it's enough to simply enjoy your commute. You always dress your best, so make sure your Audi isn't going to be saying the opposite of what your clothes say - get your detailing done so you don't have to worry about your car looking drab when you're looking to impress.

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