German automaker Audi is no stranger to awards when it comes to their many its new Audi models that have continuously been honors for a variety of reasons.

However, did you know that the brand isn't just an award winner for its innovative and impeccably designed vehicles? Audi has its own publication titled Audi magazine, which has recently been recognized by the American Advertising Federation with a 2013 National Silver ADDY Award. This honor was conferred upon the brand for its creative new layout with comprehensive visuals and enlightening articles about everything Audi.

While it might seem like an obvious award for the brand to win, Audi had to jump over a handful of hurdles in the three-tier competition to make it into the prestigious winner's club. Audi first won in the Lost Angeles, CA market, advanced to district competition where it once again was the winner before moving onto the final stage of competition at the national level of 40,000 entrants.

This isn't Audi magazine's first rodeo though. Since its existence, the publication has earned many awards including honors from Print's Regional Design Annual, International Automotive Advertising Awards and ADDY awards in 2011 and 2012.

While these awards are indeed remarkable, "It's easy to win awards when you write about a brand like Audi."1 says Editior-in-Chief of Audi magazine, Jay Brida.

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