German automaker Audi is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to continuously aid to the overall health of our planet by finding new ways to be green. Recently, Audi has said that it has become the first automaker in the industry to produce an arrangement of sustainable energy carriers thanks to its new e-gas plant in Werlte, Germany.

This new Audi lineup will include the brand's eco-friendly TCNG models which are powered by Audi e-gas that will be produced at this plant. Basically, this new plant will harvest green electricity, carbon dioxide and water to then transform it into hydrogen and synthetic methane to create e-gas, which is essentially the same as natural gas and can easily be transported the same way though natural gas pipes.

"Audi is taking a giant step toward the mobility of the future today," says Head of Total Vehicle Development, Heinz Hollerweger. "Audi is the only manufacturer worldwide with such innovative technology. Research into synthetic, environment-friendly fuels is the core of our vigorous e-fuels strategy."1

Audi has set a series of goals around production for e-gas in the plant including their aim to manufacture up to 1,000 metric tons of e-gas every year. By chemically binding 2,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the plant will generate the same amount of CO2 that a beech tree forest of 220,000 can absorb in the span of a year.

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